Leaving Room

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I just finished the social media calendar for September. One of the biggest lessons I've learned since managing this aspect of Trinity's online presence is to leave room to let things happen. This is the Facebook calendar for April...after April was all said and done. We officially launched our Facebook page on April 15, and…
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Frame It!

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I just learned about the "frame" attribute! I'm pretty amazed that I've never had to use it in more than five years. Along with the new design for the online weekly newsletter, I also just redesigned the generic broadcast email template. As I kept reviewing it, it just looked blank. I was going for a…
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A Beautiful Day

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What a week! But this video was definitely a highlight. I was asked to produce it by our Director of Teaching & Learning, who saw a similar one done by a neighboring school. So on the first day of school, she and an assistant teacher took pictures and sent them to me (I only took…
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New Look for the Newsletter

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Around this time last year (August 15, to be exact), I wrote a post about tweaking some of the CSS elements of Trinity This Week, just to update the look a little. For today's issue, the first of the school year, I redesigned it to be consistent with our new branding platform. I played with…
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I created this graphic for the first day of school (August 16). It's another vector-based, "from scratch" graphic. I used Adobe Illustrator to create it, and I was so excited to post it first thing the next morning. While I was/am pretty biased towards the graphic itself, the true measure of success where social media…
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I received an update today from a Trinity alum through our Alumni Association Facebook page. It would have been so nice to just copy and paste, but there was so much information, that I felt it was only responsible to verify it all before publishing. Of course it all checked out, but it made me…
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Inspiring Big Thinking…and Giving

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We (The Office of Advancement) sent out this video last Tuesday, and I've hesitated to post it for several reasons, but here it is! While I've received great feedback about it, it was such a struggle! I had a huge "back to the drawing board" moment with this video after spending so much time on…
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Icons and Coding

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I decided to add our social media icons to the footer of our website, but I didn't want them to appear on the home page, since they're already prominently displayed there. But because our site is based on a CSS, there is a single file for the footer. Only web designers/developers can relate to the…
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Community Service at Trinity

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I produced this video highlighting this school year's community service initiatives at Trinity. As usual with this type of video, I didn't shoot any of the footage or take any of the photos. I would like to note, however, that at the very end of the video are professional photos taken by Kim Busby. It's…
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News Article: Diversity

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I wrote this article for this week's newsletter (Trinity This Week). We hosted a Diversity Committee Chat last week, and I was asked by our Head of School to write an article about it. It didn't actually run as the lead article; as pictured to the right; that's the magic of Photoshop for the sake…
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