Face Time

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I had a very important meeting on my agenda this morning. I met with all of the kindergarten students, but I wasn't in the same room with them. They used FaceTime on the iPad 2 (connected to a big screen) to conduct a "face to face" interview with me (I used FaceTime on my iMac).…

Madison Family Photo Album

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Sometimes you just don't know what to do with those pictures of inanimate objects from your beach trip. Those close-ups of sea shells seemed like such "must-haves" at the time, but who really has an interest in looking at all 50 of them in a stack of pictures from your shoe boxes? Below is a…
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Brandi Leann Photography

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In preparation for its official launch, this up and coming photography business hired me for a website help session. The site is powered by WordPress, and was built by the company's owner, and I provided additional assistance, allowing her to continue managing the site independently. I provided in-depth help with the following: Redirecting the domain…
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Happy Anniversary, Trinity School!

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Today, I was asked to change our header for broadcast emails to reflect Trinity’s 60-Year Anniversary. The initial plan was to make a completely separate header to use exclusively for anniversary-related events, and keep the original one for other communication. But after the Director of Communications saw the result, she decided that it’s not too…
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I’ve been posting online conference sign-up sheets for the past few days, and posting all 115 on one page would require a lot of scrolling. Not ideal, especially since a lot of parents will be accessing this page from mobile devices. What I wanted was for two sections (ELD & ULD) to appear on the…
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Home Page Flash

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This year, Trinity celebrates its 60th Anniversary, so the Director of Communications asked me to incorporate images created in Adobe Illustrator into the Flash movies on the home page of the site. To do this, after importing the .png files (“60 years of” and the “60 Years Trinity School” graphic logo) into Flash, I converted…
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I’m finally getting the hang of Yahoo! Pipes…but not without an immense amount of frustration. I won’t even mention how long it took me today to successfully create this pipe for our 5th and 6th grade students’ blogs - 115 in all. All of that goes into creating this: This is the box on Trinity’s…
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Sharmaine Featured

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This video features me in my role at Trinity. It was filmed and edited by a co-worker, who works with students at Trinity to produce a bi-weekly broadcast called “Trinity TV”.
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Community Service Segment Intro

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I used Photoshop to create layers in this photo, and to “cut away” the edges of the sign using the clone stamp tool. Then, I imported the entire file (with layers) into After Effects to give it the 3D effect, using the Camera layer and keyframes. Major kudos to my Adobe After Effects instructor, Faraz!!
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Adobe After Effects

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I took a 3-day Adobe After Effects class last week, and it was absolutely amazing!! After the first day, I spent about half an hour that evening getting to know the interface on my own. I used this picture (below) of my friends’ baby, used a mask to outline the flower, a tint…
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