When people (mainly my husband) make comments about me being spoiled, I don’t even try to argue. I know I’m spoiled, but what I always say is, “I’m spoiled, but I’m not a spoiled brat.” Those who truly know me usually agree at this point. ☺
This morning, though, I had to disagree with myself, as my entire attitude changed and almost ruined my day because of something so incredibly trivial. I used my iPhone to deposit two checks into my checking account a few days ago, and because of the holiday, the availability of the funds was delayed, and they’re still not available. (At this point, I can imagine some people saying, “And???” That’s it. That’s the end of the story.)
Are any of my bills late? No. Is the mortgage paid for this month? Yes. Are my lights on? Yes. Do I have hot water? Yes. You get the gist. Bottom line: These checks are just extra money, and I had the nerve to almost let this ruin my entire day! A day that, by the way, is a paid vacation day. A day that is the last of 2½ weeks I’ve had off!

And I won’t even begin to discuss the devastation people are facing, not only around the country and around the world, but just right here in Atlanta! And this is what upsets me? Just proofreading this post made me realize how blessed I am: “…I used my iPhone to deposit two checks…” 
So whatever inconvenience is pissing you off, get it together. I just did.

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