Refreshing a Brand

As I was beginning a reprint of Hollis Innovation Academy’s general brochure, I felt like the brand needed refreshing, even though we were only entering into the school’s third year. Since I began the role of Marketing & Media last year, I used the trademark blue and green (with white) for everything, and I felt that it was time to “expand” the brand, if you will. It needed refreshing; there wasn’t a full color palette, so I spent a considerable amount of time to come up with this one…and I love it!

Prior to this project, I had used several tools for developing color palettes, but Coolors is amazing, because it has a feature that allows users to “lock” more than one color, as opposed to many other sites that only allow users to set one base color. So in my instance, midnight blue and kelly green were non-negotiables, as they are already Hollis’s two main colors. I needed three more colors that were appealing and accurately reflected our brand.

Know When

I ran an article in yesterday’s issue of Trinity This Week about an upcoming Diversity Coffee Chat, which has been renamed and is now “Java with Joe.” Clever. Of course, the name screams that it wants a graphic, so I created one. I attempted to create a vector-based graphic (“from scratch”) in Illustrator. It wasn’t going the way I’d hoped…at all. It was looking more like cheap clip art than anything (and I would personally like to see clip art die a slow and painful death). After spending more time on it than I care to admit, I decided to use a stock photo and filter it to death in Photoshop. Much better choice, I think. You can’t win them all. Sometimes you have to know when to quit!

Vector-based Attempt Final Design
coffee-cup diversity-coffee-chat-mug