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Welcome to my online portfolio, where my work as a webmaster and video producer is showcased.

My passion lies in the world of multimedia and website design/management, and I enjoy experiences that develop my level of expertise in these areas.

After teaching elementary school for five years and completing my Master's degree in Instructional Design & Technology in 2008, I made a transition from the classroom to the world of multimedia. I discovered a new passion, and I now hold the position of Digital Media Communications Manager at Trinity School, an independent school in Atlanta, GA. Prior to this role, I served as the school's Webmaster and Video Producer for four years (2008 - 2012). While my title has changed and my role has shifted, I am a webmaster and video producer at heart, and both elements remain integral to my job.

  • In addition holding an Apple Certification in iWork, I have been professionally trained in the use of the following applications:

    - Final Cut Pro (7 & X)
    - Adobe After Effects
    - Adobe Dreamweaver
    - Adobe Fireworks
    - Adobe Flash
    - Adobe Photoshop
    - Adobe Illustrator

    Due to the demands of my job, I have also become well-versed in the following Apple Final Cut Studio components:

    - LiveType
    - Compressor
    - DVD Studio Pro
    - Motion

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What happened to Instar Creations?

While I continue to do work in the areas of web design, video production, and graphics, Instar Creations no longer exists as a company. I pondered the decision for more than a year, and I have decided to operate as an individual freelancer.