A Letter to My Son

My husband wrote and posted this on Facebook for our son’s 1st birthday.


You are one now. May you continue to grow up to be better than me. May you experience ten times the love that I have and give it all back in reciprocity. May your days continue to be full of light and your nights a peaceful slumber (bonus for Mommy and Me). May you see the world for what it is and choose to assist in making it a better place. May you exceed your potential and use all of your God given gifts to inspire others. May you not be solely defined by your color but also never deny or be ashamed of who you are. May the people that you eventually choose to surround yourself with be of integrity, strong conviction, and valor. As I watch your daily growth and development, I realize that mere words will not be enough to feed your intellect. I must also BE the example and I am committed to that. There are things in life that will be so unfair but you are well equipped to navigate the storms. It is okay to show your emotions but never allow them to become the basis for your decisions. Mommy and I will be here to love, protect, and guide you.



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