Any More Questions?

I think we can stop asking the question, “What’s wrong with America?” My suspicions were confirmed when I walked into the closet between our 2 first grade classrooms a few days ago. It was a student’s birthday, and cupcakes (so they were called) were brought in to celebrate. NEVER in my life have I seen “cupcakes” this big:

I still didn’t think this picture captured the true essence of this phenomenon, so I took another picture of my 2 co-workers holding one of these massive things (below)! When it came time to pass them out to their students, they gave a classroom full of 6 and 7-year-old students the option of having a whole cupcake or half. I never thought I would see the day when that would be a legitimate question to ask 19 first graders. And I definitely would have never thought that there would actually be kids who would choose to have half!! That should tell us something!! Seriously, why in the world do we have plates that are 13″ in diameter?!? Some are even bigger than that! It is simply ridiculous! I get that we have become so super-sized and so caught up in the “I’m getting more for my money” madness. But if you really think about it, 2 (maybe even 3) people can split about 90% of entrees on menus at restaurants!! At some places, there would still be some to take home! There’s your way to save money!!
Just look at how Michele has to hold the “cupcake”!!

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