Brandi Leann Photography

In preparation for its official launch, this up and coming photography business hired me for a website help session. The site is powered by WordPress, and was built by the company’s owner, and I provided additional assistance, allowing her to continue managing the site independently. I provided in-depth help with the following:

  • Redirecting the domain name to the blog site powered by WordPress. Now, when users enter, they are redirected to
  • Setting configurations to enable Google’s search engine to find the site
  • Setting configurations to include a Facebook “Like” button at the end of each blog post
  • Adding widgets, pages to navigation, and a PayPal button
  • Uploading documents to be included on the server, but ensuring that they do not appear in searches

Upon completion of the help session, I provided the company’s owner with a detailed copy of notes, including screenshots.

 Google Search Website Help Session notes

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