Flourish Magazine • Community Service

The content of this article made it quite a challenge. The goal was to convey to readers the reasons behind the community service projects for each grade level at Trinity School, how each project directly correlates to curriculum objectives.


I made the decision to incorporate the use of graphics (puzzle pieces) to convey the idea that it’s all connected: the community service program and the academic curriculum. The final piece somewhat went in the direction of this idea, and although it’s visually a little more streamlined, some of the content has a different message. Upon review, I didn’t feel it necessary to submit additional revisions, as I understood the intention (visually). But I would have preferred, for example, for “Values” and “Character Education” to stand out as they do in my original piece, as they encompass all of the projects.


Flourish Magazine • Employee Dedication

I always find it interesting to see the final product of my material, what designers end up doing with submitted pieces for publications. Below is my original submission for an article honoring Trinity’s most recent retirees for an issue of Flourish magazine.


The final piece (below) is strikingly similar to my original submission!


Flourish Magazine • Extra-Curricular Programs

I was asked to write an article for the spring issue of Flourish magazine, highlighting Extended Programs at Trinity. The intention was not for the article to be copy heavy at all, just the highlights–“stats'” if you will–of the program. Below is what I submitted to the Director of Marketing & Communications, which she submitted to the designer.


The image below is the article that was published. While this image is more in line with the design of the overall publication, I like the “excitement” generated from the look and feel of the original layout.



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