I had to step away

Today, I simply had to step away from my work, and it was the best decision I could have made for my mental health. I was so focused and determined to find a solution to an issue, and like I often tend to do, I spent way too much time on it, so much so that it threatened to entirely consume my day…and it’s not even something that needs to be solved right now! I have about 3 weeks. So finally, I forced myself to close my computer, and I went to swim. The sight of a pool like this makes me so happy! I LOVE to swim! I felt so much better right away, and I swam 200 more yards than I did a few days ago. And when I returned to my computer, I closed every single one of the browser tabs I had open for that particular project and refused to revisit it. And I was actually much more productive by shifting my focus and tending to the other items on my list.

Sometimes, you have to do that.

Refreshing a Brand

As I was beginning a reprint of Hollis Innovation Academy’s general brochure, I felt like the brand needed refreshing, even though we were only entering into the school’s third year. Since I began the role of Marketing & Media last year, I used the trademark blue and green (with white) for everything, and I felt that it was time to “expand” the brand, if you will. It needed refreshing; there wasn’t a full color palette, so I spent a considerable amount of time to come up with this one…and I love it!

Prior to this project, I had used several tools for developing color palettes, but Coolors is amazing, because it has a feature that allows users to “lock” more than one color, as opposed to many other sites that only allow users to set one base color. So in my instance, midnight blue and kelly green were non-negotiables, as they are already Hollis’s two main colors. I needed three more colors that were appealing and accurately reflected our brand.

Product Video Promo

To produce a high quality promotional video for products for Soror Finds, I used Photoshop to edit photos from the company’s website.


Screenshot from video




High Quality Photos

For this product promotional video, I edited original photos sent by the client, using Adobe Photoshop. In this day in age, it isn’t difficult to obtain high resolution, quality photos; most of our smart phones are capable of producing impeccable images. But when I want my photos to have a little extra “umph” (depending on the project), I don’t rely on my phone.

However you choose to capture photos for marketing purposes, ALWAYS invest in quality. Sometimes that might mean hiring a professional photographer, or it could be something as simple as purchasing a nice DSLR camera. It’s definitely worth the investment, especially if you’re paying to use the photos in other projects. For this project, for instance, imagine if the original photos were used in the promotional video…hardly dazzling, right? So in a case like this, if you already have photos that are less than desirable, it’s worth it to invest in a professional to “spice them up.”

I’m taking on a new role!

I’m so excited to finally be able to share that I have decided to take advantage of a wonderful opportunity and expand my portfolio by accepting a Marketing & Media role with an incredible S.T.E.M. school in the Atlanta Public Schools system: Hollis Innovation Academy!

Hollis is such a phenomenal place, and I’m beyond thrilled to have a hand in helping to tell its story more dynamically!

Fortunately, this position also allows me to continue working with my current incredible clients, and to take on new ones as I settle in and as time permits.

Here’s to new chapters!

Today was especially exciting, as a HUGE announcement was made that will greatly benefit Hollis! Westside Future Fund has pledged $16.4 million to Hollis over the next five years to support a co-teaching model in every classroom, and The Coca-Cola Foundation and SunTrust Bank have committed $2 million in support of this initiative. The energy in the room was electric! This is such an exciting time for this school!