Product Promotional Video

I produced this video for Soror Finds® to showcase a line of accessories.
I developed the concept: clean, white background, sparkles, descriptive words, energetic music.
I edited the original photos using Adobe Photoshop to optimize the appearance of each piece.

Wedding Save the Date Video

I produced this video as an electronic “Save the Date” for a wedding. The couple met online, hence the heavy emphasis on the iPhone.
The clip below shows the end of the final video, which was 2:10 in length.

Compilation Video

This compilation of one-second clips was inspired by a concept in the movie, “Chef“.


1st Grade Empathy Lesson

I produced this video to creatively share with the larger school community what I witnessed while visiting a 1st grade classroom.

Leadership Appreciation Video

This video was shown at The Gates Leadership Society Reception, an event to acknowledge and thank donors who give at the $2,500 level and above annually.