I think I’m off of my emotional roller coaster now. I’ve had a few days to recover. 🙂 Last week was pretty rough. As ecstatic as I am about my new position, the end of the school year hit me pretty hard. Most people failed to understand my tears; they kept pointing out that I would see my students next year. However true that is, conclusions have never been easy for me. I was the kid in elementary school who cried on the last day! Going back and forth between my parents for so many years never got easier, in terms of the tears I cried.

Anyway, bottom line: I just finished a chapter of my life. I wouldn’t trade this new chapter for anything, but still. In order to begin one chapter, you have to leave one. Think about it: You can’t read 2 chapters at once. You can move from one to the other without finishing, but inevitably, you can’t read both at once. One has to be open, while the other is closed (even if your finger is marking the place of the other). I had such a wonderful class this year, and it seemed to have come to an abrupt end, which also made my head spin. I will always cherish this class. This was my last year in the classroom, and they sent me out on a high note. 🙂 On the last day, I was given a piece of information that I will need to remember:

I was told by someone who also left the classroom (a current administrator) that emotionally, it will be hard for me on Classroom Visitation Day and on the first day of school. On Classroom Visitation Day, no one is looking for you; no one really needs you. On the first day of school, teachers and students are in their rooms, trying to get into their routines, etc., and again, no one needs you. But she told me that as I settle into my position, it will get easier. I’m glad to hear that, and I’m thankful to her for “arming” me with this knowledge ahead of time. 🙂

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    Can I just tell you that I completely understand?! I got all choked up because I am moving down the hall to Pre-K, but it won’t be the same. Some of those kids I saw for 3 years and now I will never see them unless I make it a point to. That is hard! They will no longer need me, nor will they probably come down the hall to see me. I will miss them! I totally understand what you are saying, but in fact, if we didn’t change then we would never grow, right? Sometimes, I just want to stop growing:)

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