Ebola in the Back Yard

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“Thanks Obama.”
Hands down, this is the dumbest comment I’ve read so far regarding the fear of an Ebola virus outbreak. Never mind the fact that there was no comma between the statement and the direct address; that drives me CRAZY! Educate yourselves.
The first thing that makes me chuckle just a little is the fact that we were told, on national news (I so wish I’d recorded it), that there is no concern about the virus spreading; it came across as if they were just merely informing us, then on to the next story. Two days later, it was the leading story on that same network, and has been every night since!
I have to admit that I’m very uneducated about this virus. I just read about it this week, and from I’ve read, it sounds like it’s highly contagious, but only if one comes in contact with the infected saliva, excrement, or blood. In that case, I feel like there’s nothing for the general public to worry about. That’s definitely what they’re telling us. However, those of us in Atlanta–especially in the metro area, not even 20 minutes away from Emory University Hospital–naturally have our heads cocked a little more to the side.
I’m actually pretty on the fence about how I feel. If these were my relatives, of course I would want the best treatment for them. But I’ve also seen a lot of comments that I could easily agree with, ones that contradict what I just said, like this one: “They are ludicrous to bring this deadly infectious disease into our country.
Then there’s the realization that they are American citizens after all. They’re coming HOME to receive treatment: “Those two doctors are as much heroes if not more than your soldiers. Risking death to help sick people and you think they should be left to die in a foreign country. Embarrassing, send them to us in Sweden, we would gladly treat them the way they deserve.
Then there’s the thought that they knew the risks involved, so exposing others to this is not fair: “They knew what they were getting into and now they could be famous for spreading it to our country.
Like I said, I don’t know exactly where I stand. But it doesn’t really matter, actually. It’s happening, so all we can do is pray for the situation, definitely pray for those responsible for their care (they’re most at risk), trust the precautionary measures, and trust that what we’re being told is true.
For now, I need to finish my coffee and head back inside. I hear it’s supposed to rain today. Thanks, Obama.

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