Email: Event RSVP

I was asked by the Director of Special Events to compose an email to constituents, with the hopes of increasing the number of RSVPs for this event. The copy had already been written as part of a previous news article, but during our discussion, she emphasized a few key elements she wanted to include: 1) simple, concise message; 2) a photo of the event space, to foster excitement and to reiterate that guests will literally dine under the wing of the plane; 3) a graphic of the invitation (front and back) that was mailed a few weeks prior; 4) a photo of the outside of the museum; and 5) bold, colorful copy that captures attention and conveys a sense of urgency. Otherwise, she left the design up to me.

I decided that including an additional photo of the outside of the museum would be overkill, and I thought it would be a nice touch to add the event logo to the screen in the photo of the event space (original photo), using Photoshop. Finally, combining the two images of the invitation into one resulted in a clean look that’s cohesive with the overall layout. Overall, I was really pleased with the result (and so was she).

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