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FaceTimephotoI had a very important meeting on my agenda this morning. I met with all of the kindergarten students, but I wasn’t in the same room with them. They used FaceTime on the iPad 2 (connected to a big screen) to conduct a “face to face” interview with me (I used FaceTime on my iMac). A big part of the kindergarten curriculum focuses on people in the community, both inside and outside of Trinity. So they learn about people like Mr. Kennedy (Head of School), Chef Jochen (Head Chef), and others who may have jobs that they don’t fully understand.
The first part of the video is what one of the kindergarten teachers filmed and edited. It shows me “in action” and explaining what I do. They all watched this video prior to this morning’s meeting. I set up a camera in my office during our meeting, so the second part of the video is just a few clips from the interview. I was thrilled to be a part of this unit, and it was so much fun talking to them and hearing their questions.
I’m not a fan of the bright fluorescent lights in my office, so it’s pretty dark. It was also dark in the Activity Room, where the students were, so that they could see me on the big screen.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBBG6PgXAXI&version=3&f=user_uploads&c=google-webdrive-0&app=youtube_gdata]
Here are all of the questions they asked:
– Do you have a husband?
– How do you stand so long at TTT (Trinity Together Time)?
– How fast can you record the videos?
– Do you like doing it? Is it fun?
– Do you get worn out when you get done?
– Do you get breaks?
– How long does it take you to get to Trinity School?
– Do you choose every 6th grader to be on Trinity TV?
– What time of day do you get to school?
– How do you put everything on the website?
– What time do the 6th graders do Trinity TV?
– Do you get snack?
– Why don’t we see you so much?

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