Favorite Dinner Helpers for Moms

Of course, my all-time favorite dinner helper is Davis! But I discovered this awesome company, Farmers & Fishermen Purveyors at the beginning of the pandemic, while watching a local news story here in Atlanta.

They used to supply food for restaurants, but they quickly pivoted and started doing home deliveries when everything shut down. So I decided to order our lamb for Easter and some amazing truffle oil, and we were not at all disappointed!

Then, about a month ago, I received an email offering a free sample from a selection of a few items. I chose the salmon, which was wonderful, and I also added the wild striped bass to my order. Their selection of items is unreal, things I could never find at my local grocery store. And it’s constantly expanding!

NOTHING I’ve ever ordered has been anything less than stellar and super fresh! AND with online ordering, they have a customer for life!

One of our other go-to dinner helpers is HelloFresh. Davis loves to help chop, dice, and cut, so he LOVES these meal kits because there’s always plenty for him to do.

  • The meals are pretty quick and easy (although they will take longer if you have a little one helping, so build in time).
  • There is a ton of variety each week, about 10+ meals from which to choose!
  • I love their gourmet options, like the duck breast! You pay a little more for them, but it’s nice to splurge if you can every now and then.
  • Since the pandemic started, they also offer a la carte items like ground beef, salmon fillets, ground chicken sausage, desserts, salads, chicken breasts, the list goes on!
  • It’s affordable!

We also like using Blue Apron as another option for dinner. And like HelloFresh, there is always plenty for Davis to help prep. I love their variety, and of course, I love that it’s also affordable!

With both of these meal kits, I must admit that you have to be pretty organized. We’ve received double orders once because I dropped the ball. But to keep this from happening:

  • Set reminders – I set a reminder on my phone called ‘meal plan services’ and I never check it off (if you know anything about me, you know that kills me).
  • Take time to select & skip – I open both apps and go back and forth, deciding which service we want for which weeks, skipping the weeks on the ones we don’t want. That’s important: You must skip! These are ‘opt out’ types of services. If you don’t skip, you’ll automatically be charged and shipped the default selected meals.
  • Check your calendar – I also have my calendar app open while I’m selecting/skipping. Even though there may be an irresistible meal for that week, it may be more of a delivery or take-out week!
  • Move the reminderDon’t check it off! Make note of the week’s meals you last selected, then move your reminder to a date that’s a few days prior. So if you selected meals for a September 18 delivery, move your reminder to September 13, so you have time to go in and select/skip for the next week (September 25). This also gives you a little wiggle room; if you don’t get to it on September 13, you’ll still have a few days before you’re charged for the next week.

While I love having Davis help me in the kitchen, I also love when I have the chance to fly solo, have nice glass of wine, and listen to music or one of my favorite podcasts: Heather McDonald’s Juicy Scoop!

This is not a sponsored post. I just love sharing things that make my life easier…and dinner a little more exciting! ?