Happy Birthday, Michael!

Aside from Facebook and Twitter, I have yet to officially say anything since June 25, the day the news of Michael Jackson’s death shocked so many people. One would think, from looking at my blog posts since then, that I was unaffected…and one would would be hugely mistaken.

I like to take pride in the fact that I gave Michael flowers before he died, so to speak. Last year, during my first year holding my position at work, I had the chance to pay tribute to Michael and incorporate his timeless music into several productions. I loved every minute of it! ☺ The video below (about 3 min., 30 sec.) shows clips from three broadcasts shown throughout the school (explanations below the video).

Students’ faces are blurred for their protection.

1) Diversity Expo Week – March, 2009: I produced a short broadcast for each morning of that week, highlighting some aspect of diversity at the school. On this particular day, kindergarten students give a book review in front of the green screen (which explains why blurring their faces resulted in green “halos”- sorry). Posted here is the intro/outro of that broadcast.

2) Public Speaking – April, 2009: Two students took part in an after-school public speaking class. The focus of their final speeches (given in front of the school at an assembly) was how to “be extraordinary”. The girl displays her smile, which is her extraordinary gift to people, while the boy exhibits his ability to make people laugh. There is no audio, other than the music. I was so excited about this particular project, because “Man in the Mirror” is my FAVORITE song, and I had been looking for a way to use it all year, so when the public speaking teacher suggested it for this project, I nearly screamed in my office! ☺

3) Earth Day Broadcast – April 22, 2009: I produced this 17-minute broadcast, and what’s posted here is the intro/outro.

It’s still hard to believe that Michael is actually gone. For days, I kept waiting for the big announcement that it was all a hoax, a publicity stunt for the upcoming tour, perhaps. I really wish people would let him rest in peace, but if I continue on that path, this post would be never-ending. I choose, instead, to focus on the positive, on the amazing gifts and extraordinary talent of this musical genius, whose impact will forever be unrivaled.

Michael would have been 51 years old today, and the some of the parties that are sure to take place today and throughout the night will, no doubt, be ones to speak of for years to come. This post is my tribute.

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