I Still Remember When 30 Was Old…

Today is the last time I will turn twenty-anything! Wow. On my way to work this morning (before my parents called, almost at the same time), “Strawberry Wine” by Deana Carter was playing, ironically (my iPhone usually stays in “shuffle” mode). She begins verse two by saying, “I still remember when 30 was old…” Me too!! Funny how that happens.
I normally don’t get too excited about my birthday. Quite the contrary. I’m usually fairly depressed up until that day, but this year, I planned a pretty big bash, partly because it’s the last birthday I’ll celebrate in my twenties, but for other reasons as well. My cousin and I were planning…um, a different kind of party for last Saturday night. Ladies only. ☺ We’d been planning it since June, but the plans kinda fell through. But I decided to keep the date, especially since my sisters-in-law had already made their flight arrangements to come celebrate with Lee and me.
We celebrated at Six Feet Under on Friday night, which is a favorite restaurant of mine and Lee’s. Not only is it fabulous seafood, but the restaurant itself has come to have a significant meaning for me. Last year on my birthday, I was in the middle of a severe colitis flare-up, so I spent the entire weekend in bed. My birthday was on a Monday, which we had off, but I was in bed all day. By evening, I felt like I had to at least go to dinner. How pathetic if I didn’t, right? At least in my mind. So we went to Six Feet Under, although it was very difficult to fully enjoy it. So how amazing is it that one year later, not only am I not suffering from a flare-up (which is typical with this condition, to suffer around the same time each year), but I have also been completely off of my medication since February 15!?! That’s almost 8 months!!! Six Feet Under (that particular location) is also where Lee and I, thanks to prompting from our friends, Mike and Raven (with whom we were having dinner), ultimately made the decision to move from our old neighborhood, and that has been one of the best moves ever!!
We had a party on Saturday night at our house, which was catered by Mexico Lindo. Aside from the fall I took right before the party (followed by about 45 minutes of sitting with an ice pack on my knee), we had a great time. Lots of laughs with great people!!

Below are pictures from both events. Thanks to everyone for the great memories!! And thanks to Aunt Sheila, Uncle Richard, Aunt Paulette, and Lynnda for taking great pictures!!

Click on the image to view the pictures.
 As fitting as it would have been, this was not our cake. ☺
I just like the picture.

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