I’m baaaack!!!

You realize you have to sing the title of this post, right?

I haven’t posted to my professional blog since shortly after I started it in 2008. Its ClustrMap tells that sad story. Last Thursday prompted me to begin posting again. Of course, there is no telling how long – or if – I will regularly post to it. But last Thursday was an eye-opener for me, in so many ways. Trinity co-sponsored a screening of Race to Nowhere at the LeFont Theatre in Sandy Springs. It was PACKED!! Literally. Thankfully, I bought our tickets in advance, because people were being put on a waiting list to get inside of the theatre!! I HIGHLY recommend seeing this film if you can, even if you don’t have children, but especially if you do! It is simply amazing, and the discussion following resulted in a slew of notes that I couldn’t possibly condense into one blog post, so my series begins…

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