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One of my all-time favorite movies is “Diary of a Mad Black Woman”. Besides the fact that I love Tyler Perry, and the movie is just hilarious, there are some pretty important lessons to take away from it. This one (below) came straight from Madea. She said that there’s one way to know if you’re truly over something:

If you get an opportunity to get even with somebody who did you wrong and you don’t take it, then you over it.
But if you don’t and you beat the hell out of ’em, you ain’t over it yet.

I know it should be “you’re”. I typed this verbatim. Of course, this is Madea, so you can imagine how “she” actually said it. 🙂 After I laughed hysterically, I thought about that, and I realized that I have definitely found it to be true. That’s why this movie is so close to my heart. I can certainly relate. No, my husband didn’t drag me out of the house, kicking and screaming while his mistress watched. In fact, this situation has nothing to do with my husband, but I can relate, nevertheless. Forgiveness and moving on can often be an extremely long road. Thinking about one case in particular, I had the opportunity to get even with someone, and I didn’t take it, even when so many people around me – people very close to me – were jumping at the chance, and trying to convince me to do so. But I never even wrestled with it. I knew that it just wasn’t something I wanted or needed to do, and it all worked out for the best. Of course, like I said, forgiveness can be a long journey, and reaching that point took me YEARS!!!

Of course, because we’re talking about Tyler Perry, I have to end on a funny note. This is after Cicely Tyson’s character is referring to the passage in the Bible when Jesus says, “Peace, be still”.

You know what? Peace is always still around me ‘cuz I keeps me what they call a piece of steel. Long as you got a piece of steel, you gon have peace. Load yo’ steel, thank you, Jesus.

This one really cracks me up!!! It always has, but even more so since we were burglarized. Interpret that however you wish…

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