Learning Commons Render

Using Adobe Photoshop, the primary color scheme for this space was changed from orange to blue.

Use the slider to see changes.

This space, the Learning Commons, is part of Trinity’s Capital Campaign. To foster a sense of excitement among the community for the beginning of the school year, the decision was made during the summer to have a “skin” produced to put on the window looking into the existing media center (below). Before it was made, someone suggested that the furniture be changed to blue (Trinity’s colors are blue and white), so I was asked if it was possible to make that change. I initially adjusted the hue of the entire image, but the result was “too blue,” which I feared. So I had to resort to picking apart the image piece by piece in order to change the furniture to blue, the walls to white, etc. This was no simple task. But before I could finish, it was decided to just go with the image in its original state. The project was incredibly time consuming, and I would have undoubtedly gotten in the business of interior design, more or less; the door was being opened to “nitty gritty” requests, and ultimately, it wouldn’t have been the best use of my time. So although the “after” image is not a finished product, I put a lot of time into it and I’m pleased with the work.

The main tools I used for this were: Magnetic Lasso Tool, Polygonal Lasso Tool, Color Replacement, Quick Selection Tool, Magic Wand, and Paint Bucket Tool.


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