Out-of-Sync, Broken Levees

I must have played this song (“I Look to You” by Whitney Houston) 10 times this morning. It came on while my playlist was in shuffle mode and I just got stuck on it. There have been times when it’s played and I’ve dissolved into tears, especially during this part (the bridge). Today wasn’t one of those days. It was just a day when I could simply relate, just not so much in an emotional way.

This was a LONG week; four day work weeks always are. I’m actually questioning my decision to publish this post right now, because in essence, I’m a zombie. This was a week when everything just seemed to be a glitch, and it all ended with me dropping an entire container of creamed spinach on the kitchen floor tonight.

Crumbling down on me
Defeat is calling
Take me far away from the battle

Sounds a little dramatic for some creamed spinach, I know. It was just the straw that almost broke the camel’s back. It did almost send me over the edge, but perhaps I was just too tired to have a true meltdown? Who knows?

Nothing that happened this week was earth-shattering; most aren’t even worth mentioning, if I could even remember them all. I definitely remember one thing, though–an incident that consumed quite a bit of time, and is pretty ironic in hindsight.

I received two emails from two different people about a video I’d uploaded to Trinity’s website. The audio was out of sync. Admittedly, after reading the first email, I brushed it off and filed it away as something to look at later, but certainly not a priority, not with everything else that was going wrong. I should have known it was a bigger deal, because the sender is not one to nit-pick. Then came the next email. So I decided to investigate. To say it was out of sync is a gross understatement. I still can’t say exactly what happened, but after about 5 hours of re-exporting/compressing, it was fine. I’m fairly certain I’ll blog about the technical aspects of that mystery on my professional blog, but I digress.

This incident perfectly illustrates my feeling: Out of sync

Talking to a friend yesterday, I admitted, “I’m just off my game.” It took me until mid-day to realize that I’d been so all week. So when I heard the bridge, I let the whole song play…and play…and play…and it helped. It was comforting. I felt like, “You know what? This is just where I am right now.” We all have these moments, and I think it’s ok. My friend reminded me that as long as I bounce back, it’s ok to be off my game.

Pretty fitting that this was the week our Sixth Grade students revealed this as the theme for the year, huh?
(Ironically, the video of this assembly is “the one.”)

Perfect for so many of us. Perfect reminder to end such a chaotic week.

And with that, I look forward to a good night’s sleep.

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