I stayed home from work today, because I felt a little under the weather when I woke up. Headache, sniffles, low-grade fever, soup, and old General Hospital episodes have all been close friends of mine today…and so have tears.
Today is Nala’s 3rd birthday. It’s been almost a year since she went to live with her new family, but I still miss her so much – many times, to the point of tears. And they flowed today. Perhaps it’s because I’m already not feeling well, and the fact that it’s her birthday doesn’t help (although the irony is that she doesn’t even know it’s her birthday ☺).
As I’ve mentioned before, I used to have a complete lack of understanding for people who got overly emotional about their pets. And perhaps, people are feeling the same way about me while reading this. But all I can say is that I get it. I completely understand. Lee and I still haven’t been to visit Nala since the day we left her with her new family. We’re just not ready, and now, almost one year later, I wonder if I ever will be. I think about her all the time, and I still choke back the tears…except for today. I let them flow.

Last week. my sister-in-law posted this picture on Facebook. “Plight” was one of Diallo’s (her son, our nephew) vocabulary words. His uncle, to whom he refers, of course, is Lee.

Yes, Diallo, the feeling of not having Nala living with us and missing her so much is a bad condition or situation. But it does help to keep reminding myself that her living situation is not. It’s what’s best for her, and she’s so happy! ☺

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