Preparation & Pizza

During the last class of my degree program, the following statement was made in one of the video programs:

80% of the new jobs in the next 20 years haven’t even been identified yet!
Educators must prepare children for an uncertain world.

I’m just now realizing how true this about my own situation. In high school, none of my teachers knew to prepare me for the position of Webmaster! I don’t even think I heard the term prior to the last 5 years or so! It really is amazing when you think about it. I had no clue, even in college, that this would be the career I would have a passion for! I didn’t really know it existed. It makes you wonder, “What’s next?”

I was just talking to Lee about this the other day: If you watch Oprah, you will have noticed that she has been using Skype a lot, which is very innovative. If you pay attention, though, sometimes the quality is low in terms of the video and audio. It may be the kind of connection, the kind of webcams people are using, whatever. But I couldn’t help but think how our children and grandchildren may see clips from these shows and laugh, thinking how antiquated it is. Here we are thinking that we’re super innovative and on the cutting edge of technology, and our offspring will look at some of this stuff like we look at 8-tracks and vinyl records.

On one hand, the direction in which technology is going (at an extremely exponential rate) is very exciting, but it can also be quite frightening. Please take a minute to watch this video (about 2-3 minutes). It was really funny at first, but then it wasn’t. It makes you think:

Pass the pizza!

This may be something you want to pass along.

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