“Pushy” Slogan

One of the goals for Trinity’s capital campaign is to achieve 100% parent participation for The Trinity Fund throughout the life of the campaign. The Director of The Trinity Fund asked for ideas for a “spring push” (i.e., “90 in 90 Challenge“: 90% parent participation in 90 days). She wants to reach 100% parent participation by graduation, so I tried coming up with catchy phrases to effectively relay that goal. I came up with this one in traffic on the way home one day (after several horrible possibilities): Let’s reach a record high before they say, ‘goodbye!’

I didn’t take either of these photos, but I used Photoshop to add the text to create these graphics to share via social media. Honestly, they don’t seem to be having the effect I’d hoped for, but I personally really like them. The first one (by André Hickman) is an actual photo from last year’s 6th grade graduation ceremony. The second one was taken–and edited–by a very talented teacher (and yearbook editor) at Trinity. It captures quite a lot: It’s a 6th grade student and a 3-year-old student. The cobalt blue shirt is only worn by 6th grade students, but the bags that 3s and Pre-K students carry are the same color, so she emphasized that color in the photo. Another neat tidbit is that when she taught at Trinity years ago (before returning last year), she was a teacher in the 3s, which is the class the current 6th grade students were in that year.

This is the last one I posted (May 22, 2014), which I altered slightly.


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