Yep, I’m really sleep. And this is Lee’s BlackBerry background now. ☺
Forget a dollar. I would just take the interest from a dollar for each time in the past week I’ve read a tweet, Facebook status, or BBM status about sleepiness, weariness, exhaustion, fatigue…the list goes on. And make no mistake about it. I’m no exception. Not by a long shot. Just take a look at this picture (below – click to enlarge) created by a Facebook app at the end of 2009, which randomly pulls all status updates for the year and creates a collage. Just look at how many references there are to sleep.
This prevalent lack of sleep is disturbing to me. I’ll freely admit that sometimes, the fault is solely mine. I simply delay turning off the TV, turning off the lamp, and/or putting my Kindle away, simply because I think it’s “too early” and I’m afraid I’m going to miss something. What exactly? Not even I can answer that. Other times, however, my brain just won’t shut down. I suspect many would also point to this as the reason for their lack of sleep. That’s the part that disturbs me. Whether it’s stress, depression, worry, fear, anxiety, turmoil, unforgiveness, guilt, anger, irritation, regret, resentment, it’s clearly taking over our lives. Many of you would probably be amazed at how many of your status updates and tweets have to do with your mood and/or state of mind as it relates to your lack of sleep.

Answers? I have none. As I wrote this, I was operating off of a whopping 9 hours of sleep, but that’s only because the previous day had completely kicked my butt at work and I was BEYOND exhausted. Otherwise, going to bed right after dinner is certainly not the norm for me. But why is it that in this day in age, most of us have to be “put” to sleep in this, or a similar manner (i.e., illness), in order to get a healthy amount of sleep?

What’s keeping you awake?

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