Sometimes, you just get it right

This is a post from February 28 for Elijah DeJesus, an emerging millennial artist. The goal is to increase her following and public awareness prior to releasing new music.

Instagram can be a tricky platform. Followers are not stable! An account can gain 50 followers in one morning and lose half of them that same night. And numbers rarely tell the full story. An account can have 4,000 followers, but only receive an average of 30 likes on posts. I’ve honestly never quite understood it. But when this magic post lit up my phone, I was beyond thrilled!

In less than 10 minutes, Elijah’s account gained 68 new (authentic) followers! On another day, about a week prior, she gained 79 followers in a matter of minutes after posting a photo using my strategy. Surges like these are incredible! And they definitely make up for those days that make you wonder if you’re just existing in a social media vacuum.


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