Last Saturday morning (11.22.09), Lee offered me a bribe that I couldn’t refuse. He said, “I’ll take you to Starbucks if you go to the dog park with us” [‘us’ meaning him and Nala]. He knows the dog park is my least favorite place. So after I thought about it for a good 1.89 seconds, I said yes. The conversation then proceeded as follows:

Lee: And then I want some pizza.
Me: Ok.
Lee: From New York
[LONG pause]
Me: Ummm…OK!

So we boarded a plane at 5:40 that evening (we missed our original 3:40 flight), landed in New York at 7:30 PM, and boarded a plane back to Atlanta at 7:00 AM on Sunday morning. We packed absolutely nothing and stayed nowhere. It was FABULOUS!!

There’s nothing like that moment when the cab turns onto 7th Avenue in Times Square! It never gets old for me! For those who don’t know, New York is where Lee and I got engaged. And we revisited the scene of the crime during this trip. ☺ But first, we went to Tonic, which has become one of my favorite casual restaurants in New York. Aunt Sheila and I went there during our day trip in June of 2007, before going to see “The Color Purple”. (Side note: That was also the day of the pipe explosion. If I do say so myself, I earned my stripes that day! Getting a cab was nearly IMPOSSIBLE! And I hailed one. ☺).

After Tonic, Lee and I went to M&Ms World, then walked around Times Square, and spent more time than we would have liked at Starbucks. It was packed! We then went to Sushi Samba, where we got engaged in December of 2004. And that’s where my friend from Twitter met us! It was so cool! We “met” some time in August or September, through our love of “General Hospital”. We’ve talked constantly since then (about more than just General Hospital). That’s her in the middle in this picture:
My dear friend, Rachael, and her husband met us at Sushi Samba shortly after. She’s the other girl in the picture. She moved to New York on January 21 (I can’t forget that, because it’s my brother’s birthday). I’ve seen her a couple of times since she moved, but only when she came back to Atlanta to visit. So I surprised her as well when I told her, as we were boarding the plane, that we were coming!

We walked from Soho to East Village, and went to see Rachael and Patrick’s place, then hung out at a bar two floors below them. Across the street, I met Spider-Man. After hearing the story about him from Rachael, I HAD to take a picture with him. Regardless of the weather, this guy, IN THIS OUTFIT, hauls people (while running) in a type of rickshaw through the city! The word that kept coming up was “maniac”. ☺ I mean, seriously, notice how we’re all dressed and then look at him.
It was a wonderful trip, as short as it was (which is a huge part of what made it wonderful), and the only word that keeps coming up when I talk about it is “crazy”. It was totally uncharacteristic of me, one who has to have EVERYTHING planned. Lee kept telling me how proud he was of me for agreeing to go. I’m so glad I did!

So to everyone who keeps asking, “Why don’t you guys have kids yet?” This is one of the answers. We’re not ready to stop doing stuff like this. ☺

To see more pictures, click on this image:

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