A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Well, what more can I say?


Dear BlackBerry,



Last Thursday, I officially made the switch and became a complete Apple head. My BlackBerry was the last of my “everyday devices” that wasn’t Mac. I have now completely converted to the iPhone, after 3 years of being addicted to the CrackBerry.
Overall, the BlackBerry is an incredible device, which is why it continued to be my main phone, even after I got an iPhone (then an iPhone 3G, then an iPhone 4). Through all of that, the iPhone was my “toy”, and my BlackBerry was my work horse. But it seems that BlackBerry is releasing new phones and software before they’re fully developed. Maybe in an effort to compete? Well, duh. Of course that’s the reason. But guess what! You’re not even in the race if you haven’t put the other shoe on! And at least wear the appropriate shoe! You’re wearing one flip flop, thinking you’re ready for a marathon.

Again, I say, “GET IT TOGETHER”!!!!

I simply couldn’t take it anymore. The independent, “mind-of-its-own” scrolling, alone, was about to send me straight to the asylum (Google it: blackberry torch scrolling)!! I had the same issue with my last two devices, and I won’t even begin to count the number of times Lee has had to replace his.
Thanks to the vision of Steve Jobs and the ingenuity of his incredible team, I have used the word “seamless” countless times since last Thursday. That night, I didn’t even want to put my iPhone on the charger when it was time to go to bed! I wanted it with me while I slept, and when I described this feeling to a co-worker, she replied, “I know! It’s literally my friend.”

You laugh. But if you don’t have one, you just wait…

Oh. And yes, that screenshot is from a Windows platform. ONLY because I’m currently running Parallels on my iMac at work, and that’s ONLY because we’re in the process of upgrading our servers. Then, in the words of my boss, “Parallels is dead,” because I’ll be able to connect to our server with Outlook 2011 for Mac.

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