Take Your Seat

“Some of us are allowing the wrong people to sit in the front seat of our lives when we need to kindly escort them to the balcony to watch from a distance.”
I think this has become one of my absolute favorite quotes, considering some of the events that transpired in my life during 2009. A friend of mine tweeted this yesterday. I read it at a red light on the way to work, and yelled (in my car, by myself), “Woooooo!!!” (with a “preach on, preacher” kind of feel to it). I then re-tweeted it, made it a favorite, and it is currently my Facebook status.

After posting it on Facebook, a friend from college shared a story about a former friend of hers who is “not even in the audience”. I love that aspect as well. Some people in our lives are toxic, plain and simple, and need to be removed completely. And some, like the quote says, just need to kindly be escorted to the balcony to watch from a distance, and have absolutely no place in the front seat.

If you can’t act right in the audience, deliberately hurting the main actors, working with other audience members to stab the actors in the back, refusing to be direct, forthcoming, and honest with the actors during audience participation, then you have made a CONSCIOUS decision to revoke your seat in the front. The actors don’t need that distraction and negative energy. Their job is difficult enough, just being on life’s stage, so play your games elsewhere. And when the actors no longer wish to acknowledge your presence, in the balcony or elsewhere, don’t wonder why. YOU refused to respect their presence, so why expect anything different?

Bottom line (to steal a popular phrase from a curt email I received from an audience member):

It’s your choice. Where are you sitting?

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