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“Smart Alec”

A few months ago, I was asked to design a button for our website. It appears in the e-newsletter, and on the page of the site that has the weekly newsletter. This is what it looks like:

I didn’t design it from scratch. It had to match the look and feel of the site, so I used the basic design of some of the other buttons created last year, and I did the whole right side of this button.

Well, when I went to design it, I went to Adobe Stock Photos to find a television. When I first launched it, it said that the program had been discontinued, and there was a link with instructions for how to uninstall the program. But I ignored it. So I performed the search, scrolled through a bunch of photos, the program shut down on me, I re-launched it, found the television, downloaded it, saved it, and wah-lah! As you can see, I was able to use it. So of course, now I’m thinking, “Ha ha! I don’t have to uninstall it, because obviously, I can still use it!”

So a few days later, I went back to use it to find photos related to Diwali, for a video I was editing, and when I performed the search, here’s what came up (click to enlarge):


Just to be sure my eyes weren’t deceiving me (and thinking, “No they didn’t!!”), I performed another search for something totally different, and the exact same “results” came up!

I couldn’t help but literally laugh out loud in my office, because here I was thinking I was outsmarting the program somehow..and well, NOT. Then I thought that only tech people can really appreciate the humor in the way Adobe did this. But if you really think about it (tech person or not), it’s pretty humorous. Instead of just some message popping up on the screen, they used photos, since that’s what you were searching for! Talk about smart alecs!


Today, I went to a conference for Adobe Creative Suite Users. At the end of the day, as we were leaving, another participant said to me, “You were taking good notes…I was watching…” So I told her that I could send them to her. So we exchanged business cards, and she admitted to me that when she saw me with my laptop, she thought, “I hate when people do that, and try to act like they can do what the instructor is doing…” It was HILARIOUS!!! Honestly, I wasn’t offended at all (because that’s certainly not what I was trying to do – I can’t do half of what he was doing today! My head is still spinning.). She said that as she watched me, she started thinking that it was a good idea. But I couldn’t help but laugh at her honesty!

Whenever I go to workshops/conferences like this, I like to take notes electronically (usually using Google Docs, but I didn’t have access to the hotel’s wifi today). I like to have the program(s) open, and take screen shots, because I’m such a visual person.

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