Thirty & Flirty & Thriving

Brownie points to the person who can tell me where I got the title for this post. NO GOOGLING!!
Despite my extreme anxiety, it happened. I turned 30…and no tears were shed! I didn’t collapse into a puddle on the floor!
So many people have told me that the best years of my life are beginning now, and I truly thought that only applied to some people. Certainly not me. But I can honestly say that I get it. I started “getting it” about a week and a half before my birthday. It’s a pretty interesting phenomenon. Perhaps it’s all psychological, but it’s very positive, nonetheless. I’ve found that difficult conversations aren’t as difficult as I would have found them to be just a couple of months ago. I’m much more comfortable speaking up and advocating for myself, even turning down an offer from a dear friend to advocate for me in one situation! It feels pretty good, I must say. ☺
On a slightly different note, some things never change. Anyone who has known me for any length of time knows that I tend to have expensive taste. I’m always the one in the group with the highest bill at a restaurant. I typically unknowingly pick the most expensive item when presented with choices. So I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise that for my 30th birthday, I really went out with a bang! 
For years, I’ve wanted a tanzanite ring, so when my mom asked what I wanted for my birthday, it was a no-brainer. So after lunch with my friend, Megan, my mom and I went shopping before meeting Aunt Sheila for dinner. I had noticed the night before (online), that tanzanite rings were pretty hard to find, and they were more expensive than I thought. I found some pretty inexpensive ones on sites like Amazon and Overstock, but since the hue of the stone can vary, I prefer to see it in person, to be sure I get one that has more of a purple hue, as opposed to a dark blue. 
First stop, Macy’s. One ring. $6,000.
Next stop. No rings.

Repeat (several times).

Final stop. Kay Jewelers. Here is where we got our answer. Tanzanite is so rare and expensive, because it can only be found in Tanzania, and the mine flooded about 13 years ago, so demand is high and supply is low. I can’t, in good conscience, ask Mom to spend that kind of money on a ring. I’d much rather have the cash!! ☺ So, needless to say, this gift is on hold. ☺
Leave it to me.

Here are pictures from our (mine and Lee’s) birthday celebrations.

Click here if you’re on a mobile device and can’t view these photos.

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