Time Warp

To look at this snapshot of last week from my Entourage calendar, it looks like a fairly average week. Actually, it’s quite below average for me, in terms of scheduled appointments. But like my best friend said on Friday, “This week has lasted about a month for me.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. And the interesting thing is that I’ve heard this same sentiment expressed by several people. Perhaps it was the full moon earlier this week? Who knows?
Whatever the reason, last week was the most exhausting, emotionally-draining roller coaster ride I’ve experienced in a long time..FOR such a long time. I felt like it was endless. I stood in the grocery store aisle on Thursday, and right around the time I reached can #7 of the incredible “10 for $10” sale on Campbell’s soup, I seriously considered sitting down on the floor and just staying. Now that I think about it, I guess I could have planted myself on the bench at the pharmacy for a few hours. Note to self for the next time I have a week like this:

Countless research hours (since the week before last) on the best possible solution for a new school-wide procedure.

Dinner? Oh yeah. That. Well, no time. I’d rather sleep.

Email/status report sent to administration outlining best options for above-mentioned procedure.

Kudos. Cool. Feels good. Time to breathe.

New day. What’s next?

Email I never expected to recieve.

Revelation, reconciliation, relief. Shock.

Approached by administration for a new project.

Cool. No problem.

It needs to be done in less than 24 hours.

Cool. No problem. BUT…

I’m not going to miss Lorie’s Memorial Scholarship Reception. Well, every choice has a consequence.

Awake until 1:00 AM completing project.

Coffee. Lots of coffee. Finishing touches on project. More requests.

Email – Keshia’s water broke!

It’s also the day her father died. And the day Me-Mommy died.

Healthy baby boy arrives in the world!

Celebration!! August 26, once laden with bad memories, is now a good one.


Last day of the work week! I made it.

Starbucks as a reward.

Can’t finish it. Exhaustion finally wins. Nausea kicks in. Massive headache. Sends me home early.

My head is still spinning, and my body is still recovering from last week, and for the first time in a very long time, I am dreading going to work tomorrow. I always dread Mondays. I hate them with an extremely strong passion, but it is extremely rare for me to actually dread going to work.

But it’s coming. In just a few short hours. Unfortunately the time warp doesn’t seem to work when I actually want it to.

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