Waiting & Learning


I feel like all I’ve seen within the last week are SLOW-MOVING blue bars like these.

I am learning A LOT about handling HD footage! The biggest revelation is that everything takes longer! Rendering. Compressing. Uploading. The ONLY thing I’ve found so far that doesn’t take any longer is the actual importing process, which is still real time (I’m working mostly with DV tapes for this project). The smallest settings to which I usually don’t pay much attention actually mean everything when dealing with HD, and those settings need to be correct EVERYWHERE. As frustrating and tedious as it’s been, it has truly been an incredible learning opportunity for me, and for that, I’m extremely grateful. I’m becoming equipped with knowledge that is invaluable in this industry, especially since HD is quickly becoming the standard (please forgive that play on words).

On a much lighter note, I have found that when exporting, the estimated time doesn’t seem to be very accurate. So the estimated 6 hours can actually be more like 2½. My neighbors are probably well aware of that fact, after hearing my scream when I realized the export was complete LONG before I expected it to be.

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