What If?

Last night’s 20/20 special on Whitney Houston’s life was so moving, and within the first 15 minutes, I couldn’t help but wonder. I can already hear the nay-sayers, but just hear me out:
What if this segment had been produced before Whitney died, and presented to her during one of the interventions? 
I understand that addiction is a very powerful thing, but this piece was also powerful, and I can’t help but wonder if seeing her life from the beginning, and seeing how beautiful and how incredible she was, would have made a difference. We will obviously never know, but I believe it’s one thing to know about all of your accomplishments, but what if she was able to see it as we saw it last night?
What if?
I’m sure many people, like myself, missed the segment on ABC World News last Monday night (2.13.12), especially since it wasn’t included in the opening segment before the commercial break. My mom told me about it, so I went online to watch it, and I cried…again. It was absolutely beautiful. I trimmed it down to the last minute to share on here, and I hope you take that minute to watch (with tissue in hand).

This is such a sad day, and my whole heart goes out to her family, especially Cissy and Bobbi Kristina. Just unimaginable pain. My mind can’t even almost put myself in Bobbi Kristina’s shoes. And at 18 years old? Lord, please have mercy…
Taken from obituary created by Memorial Keepsakes

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