What is going on?

Today has been rough. I just need some good news. My life is great. Please don’t get me wrong. Things could always be so much worse.

Right now, I’m trying to wrap my mind around the death of a friend. I just don’t understand it. I don’t really have words right now. I haven’t seen or talked to her since October, 2005 at my best friend’s wedding. I know it’s easy to read that and wonder how shaken up I could possibly be since we didn’t even talk that often. Again, I just have no words. She was such a wonderful person.


She was a sister in Chi Omega. That’s how I met her. When I decided to de-pin at the end of my sophomore year, she was one of the few who didn’t shun me. She did try to make me stay. 🙂 But she made it clear that our friendship wasn’t contingent upon my membership status in the sorority. My pledge class was lucky to have her as our pledge class leader (I don’t remember the correct term). She was like a guidance counselor, and she held the role of personnel. But what was so cool about her is the fact that so many of us confided in her, because we all knew that her trustworthiness and discretion did not only exist because of her “title” or position in the sorority. She truly was a real friend to all of us. We were “hers”. And even if you weren’t in her pledge class, it was like the bond was still just as strong. It was like she was close to everyone. We all knew she would go to bat for any one of us…that’s why she was given the nickname “BLT”. 🙂 Some of you reading this will know what that is!!! 🙂

This is my therapy. My heart is broken. My tears won’t stop. My stomach is sick. It just doesn’t seem real. Words simply can’t express how my heart is breaking for Jaime, her twin sister. PLEASE PRAY FOR THIS FAMILY!!! This was so unexpected.

Lorie was the friend you just didn’t have to talk to all the time. I have no regrets. Many people would probably expect me to say that I wish I had talked to her more. But I could have gone 3 more years without talking to Lorie, and still have known that she would have been there for me. It’s so hard to explain. I don’t want to give the impression that I just lost my bosom buddy, best friend in the whole world (I hate when people do that after someone dies). But I do want to emphasize how much she really holds a special place in my heart. I saw her in early 2005, when we went to dinner at Maggiano’s. It was just the 3 of us: Lorie, Kristen, and me; it was like we were back in college. 🙂 At that point, I hadn’t seen her since 2003, but it didn’t matter. I guess I can’t explain it.

The world truly was a much better place with Lorie. She had such a kind heart and was more giving than anyone could imagine! I’m just sick.I’m sure several people remember this night. 🙂 We’ll just say Lorie was one of my life savers in college. 🙂

Lorie, I love you. We all love you. We already miss you…

October 15, 2005

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