When Sending an Email Isn’t Just Sending an Email

I was recently hired to design a print piece (a 5.5 x 8.5-inch “postcard”) advertising a chamber music summer program, which would also be emailed to constituents. Sounds like a easy enough task that wouldn’t require many hours of work, but besides weighing all the design options and revising, this is actually a perfect project to demonstrate the behind-the-scenes work of beautifully laid out emails. One would think that the print piece could simply be exported to an image file (like a JPEG) and inserted in the body of an email, but the outcome is a low resolution image (NEVER good). And it makes the text in the image very difficult to read. No better way to turn off your constituents!

So what’s my solution? CODE!

In order to get this…

Print Piece

…I had to use this:

More often than not, this process goes far beyond copying and pasting. Translating from print to digital takes time, talent, and expertise. So thank your designer today!

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