Emotional + Collage = Emotiollage (e – mo’ – shə – lŏj)
(I kinda like this new word of mine. ☺)

This is my emotiollage…currently. It’s pretty full, and my feeling is that I’m sitting on the precipice. A turning point perhaps? A break-through? In what aspect? Monumental? Minimal? Only time will tell.
I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all experienced periods in our lives when we simply feel a little bit of everything, and quite frankly (in my opinion), it’s one of the most frustrating states of being. But I do believe it can also be one of the states in which we learn the most about ourselves – who we are, who we’d like to be, and what we truly want out of life. A state of reflection is almost inevitable as your emotiollage grows. So I’m reflecting. And I’m open to what lies ahead…
…I think.

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