2 Years Under My Belt

This is my year (2009-2010 school year).

I finished the DVD for this year’s graduation ceremony this morning, and left it at the front desk for copies to be made. That’s it for video production until August! It’s kinda hard to believe that I have held this position for 2 years!! There have definitely been some challenges…ok, MANY challenges, but I have truly enjoyed them (as much as I griped sometimes). I have experienced so much growth since the day I accepted this position. This year, especially, I was pushed so much, from a technical standpoint, and was able to accomplish things that I never thought I would be able to!!

  • One of the versions of the Annual Fund Appreciation Video included a “clickable” link at the end of the video. It was DIFFICULT and extremely time-consuming, as many sites/articles warned, but I DID IT!!
  • I was pushed to use my Adobe Fireworks training almost immediately after taking the course, to incorporate an element on our home page to make it more efficient for our parents.
  • I “tweaked” the section of our website for our huge annual fundraiser, to reflect next year’s theme. That took some SERIOUS coding!!

This job continues to challenge me, and that’s the part I LOVE!!! I can’t even begin to express how good it feels to receive a request and not have to submit it to our web developer (who, by the way, jokingly offered me a job earlier this year, when I figured out something they weren’t able to ☺).

I still don’t consider myself much of a people person. I get easily annoyed at work, because a lot of my tasks require intense concentration and it’s a nuisance when I’m interrupted. I still hate mornings, and I’ve come to the realization that I love my job and BEING at work, but I HATE the process of GETTING there…mainly the sound of the alarm clock.

All in all, I remain so incredibly grateful for being blessed with a job that I truly enjoy, even though more times than not, it means being behind the scenes and not being recognized for my work, but I’m ok with that; I had to BECOME ok with that. The ugly truth is, people don’t really have a clue what I do until something goes wrong, like the day our ENTIRE website went down 8 days after school began during my FIRST year in this position. It was through no fault of mine, but that tiny detail certainly didn’t matter during the 4 hours it was down! Oh, well. Comes with the territory of “Webmaster”…or “Webmistress” as one parent said.☺

Well, here’s to a summer of database/directory overhauls, class page reconfigurations, website updates/additions, and file/photo deletion! On to year #3…

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