Here We Go Again

Some of you may remember the scam I almost fell victim to in 2007 related to renting our townhouse. Well, it seems people never quit. I received this in the mail yesterday (as with all pictures in my posts, click to enlarge)

Yep! That’s right! I’m the winner of a sweepstakes that I didn’t even enter! Sweet, huh? All I have to do is deposit this check for $998.52 and send them $898.67 back, in order to cover “the applicable taxes and the winner’s certificate issuance cost”. Simple, huh? Read the letter below for more details (click to enlarge). Although it doesn’t say in the letter, of course they will want this money wired in cash, and not in the form of a check. This is so transparent, it’s almost laughable, if I didn’t know that there will be people who will fall for this. Just like with the other scam, my bank would “accept” this check, and more than likely, it wouldn’t bounce until later, after I’ve already taken out the cash and sent it to these low-life idiots with no boundaries. What I would love to know is why their “offices” are in Los Angeles, but the postage clearly says this came from Canada.

Need I point out the other blazing red flags?


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