8 Reasons the Kardashians Are Here to Stay

I’m fully prepared for the number of eye rolls, backlash, and hatred I’ll receive following this post. I’m pretty sure I may even lose some readers. But that’s what intrigues me the most: how extreme feelings are toward the Kardashians. It seems people either really like/love them or really hate them. Personally, I love them. Besides the fact that I enjoy watching their shows and following them on social media, I wholeheartedly believe that regardless of your personal feelings, have an incredible business model, and there’s a level of genius that simply can’t be denied. They can (and will) turn ANYTHING into revenue!

A lot of people don’t even seem to have reasons for not liking them, but the reason I most frequently hear is that they have no talent. But to me, that’s where the ingenuity lies! In my eyes, this is a classic example of, “Don’t hate the player. Hate the game.” They’re just profiting from a fantastic business model.

Before I lay out my reasons for why this family isn’t going anywhere any time soon, I’d also like to address the notion that the only reason they’re famous is because of “that tape.” While I will agree that it was the tape that caught our attention and accelerated the launch into the spotlight, I believe 100% that this family was eventually going to be famous without it. Kim said it herself; she had ambitions to be in the spotlight for quite a while. Remember, the Kardashian name was already familiar because of the O.J. trial. They were already in celebrity circles long before that tape was made, so it was really just a matter of time before they exploded onto the scene and assumed this status.

A few months ago, I was presented with this question (that quickly turned into a debate): “Do you think the Kardashians will still be relevant in 10 years?” I answered with a resounding YES. And here’s why:

8) They’re beautiful. People love beautiful people. Even without cosmetic enhancements, they’re attractive, and rarely do you find a family with so many attractive members (and cute kids).

Source: Khloé Kardashian’s Instagram: May 16, 2014
7) One member of the family can cause this much backlash:

I mean, really. At the top of Vogue’s website right now are the words Fashion, Beauty, Culture, Fashion Shows. So I’m missing the part where Kim Kardashian shouldn’t be on the cover. Saying she’s a porn star doesn’t cut it for me–and it isn’t accurate; she made a tape with her boyfriend. Regardless of anyone’s feelings about it, she wasn’t a working member of the porn industry.

The backlash over this issue of Vogue was just laughable to me. People were so outraged, threatening to cancel their subscriptions, while actually giving it MORE attention by not only expressing their hatred and disgust, but accompanying it with the image of the cover (thus bringing more attention to it)!

People who claim not to care obviously do on some level. Who else’s “I can’t sleep” tweet gets this many retweets, favorites, and replies?

And who else can confidently publish a book of selfies, knowing it will sell? And it will sell.

6) Their DASH stores: I was stopped in the airport multiple times, like a celebrity, just for carrying this bag after shopping at DASH earlier that day.

And this tweet was retweeted 7 times more than a year before that particular store even opened. I was riding by the new location during a separate trip to Miami, and snapped/tweeted this photo; it’s just a storefront!

5) “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” has more than 8.3 million “likes” on Facebook.

And dare I even mention the many spin-offs they’ve managed to successfully launch (“Kim’s FairyTale Wedding,” “Kourtney & Kim Take New York,” “Khloé & Lamar,” “Kourtney & Khloé Take Miami,” etc.), including the new series premiere tonight: “Kourtney & Khloé Take the Hamptons“? I admire the fact that they can take their major moments in life and turn them into more money. Say what you will, but there is obviously an audience, and they continue to crank out these series!
4) They have their hands in EVERYTHING. I highly doubt that’s going to end anytime soon. America’s Best?!?

3) Khloé’s paternity: I can’t think of any other person with whom the world seems so obsessed regarding this issue, even after it continues to be addressed by the family in one way or another! It’s fascinating.

2) Kendall and Kylie.

1) North West.

The Kardashian Family is a machine. Period. A very well-oiled one, and with Kris Jenner at the helm and Ryan Seacrest behind the scenes (not to mention the countless others with their hand in the pot), it will continue to be…even in 10 years..and beyond. They’ve simply mastered the art of staying in the spotlight, and I can’t be mad at that.

Their shows don’t keep airing because people hate them so much and are refusing to watch. Their products don’t keep selling because they’re hated so much. People who claim to hate them find the time to publish posts like this for reputable publications, like Rolling Stone. That, to me, says a lot.

Love them or hate them. It’s pretty obvious where I stand, but at the end of the day, on a more serious note, they are people, too. With real worries.

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