Supporting Roles

 “They said this would be easy. But it’s not. Unexpected things happen that change everything. This is too hard for me. In that moment, my eyes filled with tears. I understood exactly how she felt. She’s right. It’s hard. All of it. So many times when it’s supposed to be easy…it isn’t.”    -Allison Hendrix

I follow this blogger (Allison Hendrix), and when this post appeared in my inbox last week, I read it immediately, which is pretty unusual. I subsequently shared it on Facebook, where it didn’t get much attention, so I was thrilled when I heard it being read on The Bert Show this morning. It really is worth reading. I’ve now cried twice, both times because of these words (above).

This post is so beautifully written, and it touches on so many levels of the human experience, all of which I’m sure resonate with everyone. There have been times when we’ve been the frightened one, the one needing help, the helpful/supportive one, the shunned one, the misunderstood one, or the encouraging one. This journey we call life isn’t easy, and we could use all the help we can get.

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