A Very Special Christmas

I am completely overwhelmed with emotion! This Christmas tree belonged to my grandmother, Lizzie Mae Johnson, who bought it after I was born! As a matter of fact, I’m told that she bought it because of me (I was her first grandchild). She felt that she needed a bigger tree for all of the gifts she was planning to buy for me. A few years after her death in 1987, the tree was handed down to my mother. This is the Christmas tree under which I opened gifts as a little girl (and as a teenager and adult, for that matter). Tonight, November 23, 2007, my husband and I were given this tree and it means the world to me! It fits perfectly in our house and it has so much more meaning that any other tree could possibly have. Words simply can’t express what I’m feeling!

This is an ornament given to us by my mother for our first Christmas as
a married couple (2005) . Inside of each bell is a scroll on which each
of us wrote about our favorite memory of that Christmas.


  1. Anonymous

    Hi Sweetie,
    It is so awesome that the Christmas tree has now been passed to the 3rd generation. Your Me-mommy is smiling in heaven!!

    Regarding your health – I believe the B-12 will prove to be the answer. We’ll all keep praying that it will. Stay healthy, keep great faith in God and be strong. Love you!!

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