Typical of Us

While we were in the process of moving from our townhouse to our new house in March, we made a stop at Wal-Mart (does the star in “Wal-Mart” serve as a dash? I’ve always wondered that.) for a few “small” items. While we were there, we remembered that we needed a huge container for storage. It wasn’t until we were literally walking out of the store that we realized we had an SUV FULL of stuff!! We couldn’t help but laugh at ourselves, as I rode to the new house with the container on my lap.
Lee and I took a trip to Sam’s Club a few months ago. I guess it was a “spur-of-the-moment” decision while we were out running errands, because we were driving his car (a small convertible). Clearly, the SUV would have been a better choice! After unpacking the rolls of paper towels from the huge box, we stuffed them in the trunk, while laughing at ourselves the entire time! The entertainment didn’t end there. When we got home, we decided on a creative way to put away the paper towels:
Since there were so many, we stood in the garage (at the back of the small car) and threw the rolls into kitchen, over the SUV! That took talent. Of course, we couldn’t stop there. Next, I stood in the pantry as Lee tossed the rolls to me to put away!


  1. OK, this is my virgin experience with blogging! Thanks for including me. I am so thrilled that you have finally found the answers that you have been searching for. It is such a relief to see you feeling better. Oh, the picture of your arm…OUCH..and about the paper towels…are you are really that messy?

  2. Sharmaine,
    Thanks for the update. I don’t know any blog language, so please forgive if I sound too normal. :)It was good to “hear” from you guys. You gotta know that Gerri and I will be praying for you. I hope that you move will go well.

    Jeff Easley

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