Last Friday (11.13.09), this year’s Artists-in-Residence program at the school where I work came to an end. I was asked to produce a video recapping the program (which can be viewed by clicking on the screen below – about 18 minutes long).

Picture 2Producing an 18-minute video from 240 minutes of video footage and over 1,600 pictures is no easy feat. I shot from October 5 – November 12 (yep, the day before the video was to be shown). Organization and time management were definitely very close friends of mine during this process. ☺

I have been absolutely floored by the reaction I’m continuing to receive. It’s been incredible. With my official title being “Webmaster & Production Studio”, producing videos is obviously a part of my daily work, but what’s really exciting for me is the fact that I was asked to put it on a public page of our site, to which users can currently easily navigate from our home page! Most of my work is password-protected because of our students, but our Director of Communications said that she’d gotten “a million requests” for it after it was shown during the all-school assembly. It’s also going to be shown at a national conference in Baltimore. It was truly an exciting day for me! The public acknowledgment was a bit much for me, but the appreciation was definitely nice. I absolutely love what I do, as demanding as it can be.

Here’s the article that ran in yesterday’s issue of our weekly newsletter (click to enlarge):

Picture 4Below are just some “behind the scenes” shots.

43494752Planning/organizing the shooting

42558302The entire project in Final Cut before exporting

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