Borrowed Time

As I mentioned last year, I guess I’m sort of a New Year’s Eve Scrooge. I’m looking forward to a nice, relaxing evening at home, as the smell of gumbo is filling the house. ☺ I love watching the festivities in Times Square (although you couldn’t pay me to be there), and of course, I love the champagne, but I’ve never been incredibly eager go out and participate in all of the pomp and circumstance. And although I’m not really into making a laundry list of resolutions, it’s rather difficult not to be at least somewhat reflective during this time of year.
A few weeks ago, on December 12, I was hit with a realization that had eluded me for the last 15 years. A very dear friend of mine lost his father on that day, when we were in high school, 15 years old. I doubt I will ever forget that day, and not only was the day particularly difficult for him this year, it was also quite eye-opening for me, as I realized how young we truly were! I’ve always thought of my friend as a strong person, but realizing what babies we were when such a tragedy struck his life had such an emotional impact on me. It was a pretty rough day.
Late that night, a Facebook friend posted this photo, and of course, it resonated with me. I don’t believe there are coincidences in life. So, as the sun has set on this last day of 2011, and as we reflect and prepare for another year, let’s not lose sight of what’s truly important.
Happy New Year, everyone!

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