Cute Reaction to Halloween Costume

I babysat the weekend before Halloween, and the parents were going to a Halloween party dressed as Homer and Marge Simpson. Well, the youngest child (in the video) was so incredibly confused, mainly by her dad’s costume. The pillow stuffed in his shirt for his belly really threw her off, and for a while, she was less than amused. She was quite concerned, to say the least. I didn’t capture much of that part (which was hilarious – you can see what her face looked like at the beginning of the video). What I did capture was when she kind of started to come around. But it got me thinking that things through the eyes of a 3-year-old are remarkably different from what we perceive and understand! And I guess it didn’t help that I made the “joke” that “dad ate too much at dinner”. That confused her even more.

I love how she says, “DAD” at the beginning! 🙂
Now, to clear up some confusion: When I started this new position, I sent out an e-mail to all of the people I babysat for during the past year, saying that I wouldn’t be able to babysit on a regular basis anymore, but that they could contact me if they found themselves in a pinch. Well, with this particular family, it just so happened that I had JUST been thinking about Edee and how I missed putting her to bed (she was really the only “little” one I’ve babysat in quite a while – everyone else decided to grow up while I wasn’t looking) when her mom e-mailed me, so I jumped on it.

I wanted to explain that to hopefully avoid any hurt feelings after reading this post. I’m really not back in the “babysitting business”. It is incredibly hard to do it with my job, mainly because my days/weeks (and weekends, for that matter) fill up very fast. When I agreed to the past two dates for this family, both of those weeks were free and clear, and by the time the dates rolled around, that wasn’t the case at all! It’s just something I can’t really commit to anymore.

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