Thanksgiving Looks a Little Different This Year

I’m sitting here at work. I’m sure the building is empty now – everyone who’s not afraid to take their laptops home took advantage of the early dismissal. 🙂 I’m waiting on the videos from this morning’s Thanksgiving program to import.

I really do have so much to be thankful for. I have learned so much from this weekend’s very unfortunate incident (the burglary at our home). It’s amazing when we get to see God’s hand in situations.

First of all, my grandfather called me! Many of you know the story behind all of that, dating back to August of 2002. Well, this weekend’s burglary sparked a call from him. The situation had been slowly improving before now – I started calling him on his birthday, he started sending cards on our birthdays, etc. – but everything was still somewhat strained nonetheless. Well, my mom “accidentally” (there are no accidents) called him the night of the burglary. It actually wasn’t night; it was around 1:00 AM. She thought she was calling her friend, but she ended up calling him, so of course, when he asked what was going on, she couldn’t just say, “Nothing”. It was 1:00 AM!! So they talked again on Sunday evening, and after making sure we were home, he called us! Enough said. Pretty cool…

I’ve learned the extreme importance of backing up everything on your computer! Not that I didn’t know that before, but I became pretty lax about it. THANK GOD there was a back-up of about 98% of the files that I need.

By the way, here’s a helpful site I found. It applies to more than just Macs, despite the title.

I’ve learned that the Holy Spirit truly does guide us. Again, this is something I knew before, but this reaffirmed it. I had a bad feeling all day on Saturday, like something just wasn’t right. We checked with our family, then I posted a question in my status on FaceBook to find out if everything was OK with our friends…nothing. Then, a few hours later, we decided to go to the movies to get my mind off of things. But I didn’t feel a tug or any little voice (a.k.a. The Holy Spirit) telling me to stay home. We were simply not supposed to be there.

I’ve been reminded of the importance of truly LISTENING to the Holy Spirit (a.k.a. “that little voice”). There were some feelings that Lee and I both ignored before leaving that night. But again, no regrets, because so much came out of this that is only making us stronger.

I’ve learned that I am quite capable. Figuring out how to import these videos this morning without that particular laptop was quite challenging, to say the least. But guess what? I did it! I paused and prayed as I felt myself getting extremely frustrated, and they’re importing as I write this post!

I’ve learned that I’m not alone. Lee and I are so blessed to have such wonderful friends who pray for us and who continue to offer their homes and anything else we may need.

I’ve learned that things like this don’t equate to the world coming to an end, as much as it may feel like it.

I’ve learned that I can and will survive.

I’ve been reminded that things can always be so much worse!

I’ve learned that this has happened to so many people, and it really helps to be reminded of that, and the fact that they all got through it.

I’ve learned that our neighborhood isn’t even close to as bad as we were starting to feel, thanks to the officers who gave us some rough statistics of the city of Atlanta.

I’ve been reminded of how sovereign God is, and how we need to trust in His sovereignty. “The lady with the mom hat” (a.k.a. “Mom”) reminded me of this when I was still shaken, unable to eat, and just plain uneasy. And speaking of God’s sovereignty, guess what my daily devotional (this link changes daily) was about yesterday! Yep! Trusting in God’s Sovereignty! It talked about Joesph trusting in God’s sovereignty, and knowing that his current situation was for his benefit in future situations. It even referenced Romans 8:28, which my mom used to quote to me all the time when I was growing up! That was the verse I picked as my favorite for Homecoming Court in high school.

I’ve learned that true peace can only come from God, and that He is the ultimate Comforter! I was an absolute wreck. I had some conversations at work yesterday that I barely remember. But I was able to sleep peacefully last night, without a sleep aid! And I’m no longer sick! I started eating again yesterday (just in time for Thanksgiving)! 🙂

I’ve learned that no matter how bad it seems, it’s always going to be OK.

I’ve learned the true meaning of “growing pains”.

I’ve been reminded of the incredible power of intercessory prayer!! Many thanks to all of our family and friends! We love you so much!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Sharmaine!

    May God continue to hold you tightly in HIS hands so you can continue to rest in peace.

    I am so sorry to hear of the break-in. I am just glad that everyone is okay!

    Now, go home and forget work for awhile!!!

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