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I presented at the CASE District III 2014 Conference in Orlando with a colleague (Mindpower Inc.) last week, and I seriously wonder if I’m the only one who finds the last day of a conference really depressing. I experience this feeling every time, regardless of how good or bad the conference may have been. My explanation for it is that for the previous days, so much energy and life fills the venue, and on the last day, not only are people leaving, but the ones remaining are drained, so the energy is just different. But who knows? Maybe it’s just me.

Despite the melancholy feeling I was experiencing, I did really like how the conference ended. As is the case with many conferences, it ended with a promotion/preview of next year’s conference, at the end of the closing brunch. I truly appreciated the creativity. I think the producers accomplished their goal: to energize the audience. I edited the two photos in the beginning to show the difference in the stage’s appearance, but the change happened very slowly–over the course of about three minutes–which was a very nice effect. Nice job, CASE III!

We were very pleased with our presentation! Below is a part that I led. I particularly liked the animations I used to portray the message and effectively tell the story. Obviously, there was no music in the presentation, but for the sake of this blog post, I decided to “spice it up.”


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