Giving Up Hope

The title of this post sounds pretty negative, but it’s actually inspirational.

June 28 has been a pretty memorable day for me since 1991. It always sticks out as “that day” for me. Not necessarily in a bad way (anymore); it will just always be significant. June 28 just means something.
This year, I returned to work on June 28 after a 4-day weekend, and I tweeted a picture of my office and the adjacent studio control booth. The painting had been completed while I was out, so I was charged with the task of getting my office back together before I could begin working. No big deal. It gave me a chance to purge and reorganize – two things I absolutely LOVE doing! ☺

Since I started this job in 2008, I’ve had a 5×7 framed picture of an adorable 9-month-old (approximately) in my office that always drew attention from visitors. Since the summer of 2009, I’ve struggled with my desire to keep the picture in my office, and rationality. That’s the summer when events unfolded that prompted me to begin my journey into total forgiveness. When I voiced this struggle with admiring visitors, they would typically reply with something like, “Well, it’s ok. You love him, and there’s nothing wrong with keeping his picture up”. Still, a part of me continued to struggle on many levels.

On June 28, because of the state of my office, I was given the opportunity to make a decision. I replaced that picture. But not because of any ill feelings. Another definition of forgiveness that I heard recently is what prompted me to replace it. I heard Oprah quote this definition, and while searching for the original source, I’ve discovered that many people have an issue with it. I happen to love it. She said that many years ago, she heard someone say,  

“Forgiveness is giving up the hope that the past could have been any different.”

That is what I was finally able to do! I’ve heard so many people say they also hate this saying, but in some cases, it’s all that can be said: It is what it is, and I have learned to be ok with that. I really have. And it’s quite liberating.

I’m at peace…

…which makes this picture a pretty fitting replacement, don’t you think?

Lake Hiwassee, 2004

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